Safety and Environment

Cleaning and safety: A perfect combination.

Blackhawk Industrial Group doesn’t only add a modern and innovative touch to unconventional industrial cleaning. The company also prioritizes safety for both our dedicated employees and the immediate environment

  • TRIR: 0.00 – Striving to meet OSHA’s strict workplace safety standards, Blackhawk Industrial Group has yet to record an on-the-job injury.
  • EMR: 0.92 – Insurance companies assign businesses experience modifier rates (EMRs) to project potential workman’s compensation claims. With a national “average” at 1.0, Blackhawk Industrial runs a safer ship than most of its competitors.
  • Investments in innovation technologies – Client satisfaction means pursuing top-of-the-line and ground-breaking innovations in industrial cleaning.
  • 100% hands-free/automation – Blackhawk’s innovative cleaning approach puts employee safety and fast-tracked results at the forefront, offering 100% hands-free automation.
  • Experienced leadership – Blackhawk doesn’t only hire industry leaders to perform services but also relies on experienced leadership with years of field experience.
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  • Training, employee benefits, and performance-based incentive programs – We firmly believe that a company’s success depends on employee satisfaction. At Blackhawk, we offer hands-on training, unrivaled benefits, and performance-based incentive programs to ensure team success.
  • Environmental focus – Blackhawk Industrial Group’s industrial cleaning methods prioritize the wellbeing of the environment, following proper waste disposal protocols and clearing tanks of threatening debris and chemicals.
  • Recent capital investments in environmental improvements – Blackhawk’s dedication to Planet Earth is such a firm motivator that we recently invested in environmental improvements.
  • Reduced water consumption and wastewater creation (1:6500 vs 30:10000) – Blackhawk Industrial Group’s eco-friendly goal stretches into wastewater creation, cutting conventional figures nearly in half.
  • Spill-safe Conestoga transportation system – Our Conestoga fleet boasts a spill-safe design, guaranteeing that no potential environmentally harmful chemicals or debris drip or scatter while en route.

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