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Our story


Founded in 2018, Blackhawk Industrial Group, LLC established a simple mission to excite an otherwise stagnant mechanical cleaning market by offering an innovative & superior alternative to conventional industrial cleaning. Since then, we have established a reputation as the “Gold Standard” in providing premium mechanical cleaning services. Our innovative processes and patented technologies have consistently proven capable of restoring critical manufacturing assets to performance levels that conventional cleaning methods simply cannot achieve..

Our full-service mechanical cleaning company strategically recruits only the highest skilled operators and technicians to ensure each customer receives a faster, safer, greener and always cleaner product that is sure to exceed all expectations. Additionally, the team relies on a dedicated leadership board touting over 25 years of hands-on and management experience in both commercial and technical operations.

Based out of a sprawling 5 acre property located in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, Blackhawk Industrial Group is the only industrial cleaning company that both owns and operates an off-site cleaning facility in the State of Louisiana.

We specialize in various sectors, including pulp and paper, sugar, petrochemical, and energy along the Gulf Coast.

Our service line-up

Our company strives to offer a service line-up that guarantees peace of mind: eco-friendly, pioneering, and consistent methods.

  • Attract the most skilled and committed workers
  • Invest in top-of-the-line & advanced technologies and equipment
  • Influence innovation, chasing new strategies at every twist and turn
  • Deliver consistent and predictable results
  • Aggressively drive improvements across safety, quality, and environmental efforts

Available services include modern advances in cleaning technology, featuring methods like state of the art ultrasonics, vapor blasting, 100% automated hydro blasting, and 3-D cleaning.

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aerial view large oil refinery

Blackhawk Ultrasonics

  • Futuristic ultrasonic system design (planning phase)
  • Improved design and capabilities
  • In-line filtration system
  • Heat exchanger (heating unit) ~130-140 degrees F
  • Patented Crest Push-pull Technology
  • Concave tank interior (reflectivity plates)
  • User-friendly digital control center
  • Cat-walk (360 degrees)
  • Ultrasonic detergents
  • Proprietary process
  • Eco-friendly
  • Two primaries (surfactant and acid-based)
  • Specialty blended capabilities
  • Maintained inventory/controlled warehousing
  • SDS available upon requests

Competitive Advantages

Blackhawk Industrial Group offers cutting-edge services, in line with our company goals:

  • Environmentally friendly operations
  • Community Outreach
  • Most innovative cleaning technologies under one roof
  • Prioritizing recyclable and returnable hazardous wastes whenever possible
  • Precision cleaning
  • Focusing on our environmental impact
  • Expertise, Innovation 24/7
  • Services Customized to Each Application
  • Projects, Turnarounds, Maintenance
  • Strategic Partnerships
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Blackhawk can help you clean your industrial facility with the most optimized, safe and eco-friendly processes, let’s get in touch today to learn how Blackhawk can improve your fouling mitigation efforts.