What we do

At Blackhawk Industrial Group, our mission is to provide innovative cleaning solutions by coupling our dedication to continuous improvement operations and advances in modern cleaning tech.

Our service line-up includes:

Specialty Services

Ultrasonic cleaning technology – With the aid of cavitation bubbles and high-frequency sounds, ultrasonic cleaning can effectively remove stubborn contaminants on metals, plastics, and other materials, with enough microscopic penetration to remove even the most challenging foulants.
Vapor blasting – Sometimes called “wet blasting,” this industrial cleaning method depends on pressurized water to gently clean and restore corroded metals.
Dry-ice blasting – Using carbon dioxide chilled at −109.3°F, dry-ice blasting safely removes paint and other coatings with pressurized steam air.
Tank and vessel cleaning – Blackhawk’s tank and vessel cleaning expertise includes cleaning storage tanks, whether they’re in tanker trucks, rail cars, or barges.
Hydro cleaning – Our team’s hydro cleaning mastery forces high-pressure water through clogged drain lines, removing deposits safely with up to 40,000 PSI.

Ultrasonic Services

  • Ultrasonic energy is introduced into a solution, causing alternating patterns of both low and high-pressure phases.
  • During the low-pressure phase, bubbles or vacuum cavities form. 
  • In the high-pressure phase, these bubbles implode violently, called cavitation.
  • This cavitation provides intense scrubbing action, leading to unsurpassed cleaning speed and consistency. 
  • The bubbles are small enough to penetrate even microscopic crevices, cleaning them thoroughly and consistently.

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Conventional Services

Hydro blasting – For a more conventional industrial cleaning approach, Blackhawk’s service line-up includes the basics, like hydro blasting. Clean those unsightly external surfaces with this high-powered pressure washing service.

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Vacuum Services

Routine and outage – Our team emphasizes regular cleanings and routine onsite services. Whether your company requires daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term, Blackhawk is here to support. In the case of outages or planned shutdowns, Blackhawk will step in, perform our services, and return your plant to working order with minimal impacts to production.

Wet/dry vacuum systems – The Blackhawk wet-dry vacuum systems service will safely remove anything you need, whether that’s dust, dirt, sludge, or other industrial wastes.

Waste disposal – With our eyes set on environmental friendliness, our vacuum waste disposal strategy is both safe and eco-friendly.

Hydro Blasting

3-D cleaning – Blackhawk Industrial Group is leading the industry in 3-D cleaning, offering 360-degrees of internal tank cleaning without needing to enter, lessening the risk of toxic exposure for our employees.
Fin-fan cleaning – With specialized-fin fan foam, Blackhawk can remove stubborn debris and dirt with a gentler approach that returns your heat exchangers to 100% efficiency.
High-pressure cleaning – Our advanced hydro blasting pumps boast up to 40,000 PSI capabilities, blasting dirt and debris away.
Condenser cleaning – Guide your air-cooled condenser toward a more efficient heat transfer rate, save energy, and maximize turbine performance. Our condenser cleaning service includes high-pressure washing, degreasing, and deep cleaning.
Heat exchanger tube/shell side cleaning – Blackhawk’s automated and hands-free machines offer a full cleansing of heat exchangers, including both the outer shell side and the inner tube side.
Pipe/line cleaning  – At Blackhawk Industrial Group, our team’s pipe/line cleaning mastery ranges from wet cleaning to pipe pigging to mechanical.

Off-Site Services

On the quest to outpace our competitors, Blackhawk also proves itself as a pioneer in the industry. Blackhawk Industrial Group remains the only Louisiana-based industrial cleaning company that both owns and operates an off-site cleaning facility.

At our 35,000 Sq./ft. facility in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, we offer:

Turn-key heat exchanger cleaning – Blackhawk’s routine heat exchanger maintenance and cleanings follows a turn-key, full package approach: disassembly, extraction, bundle removal, cleaning, and reassembly.

Specialty transportation (full-service) – Our specialty transportation services guarantee your sensitive materials have a safe commute both to and from our facility. Among transportation concerns we handle include climate control, hazardous waste removal, and heavy load management.

Staging and storage capabilities – Blackhawk Industrial Group’s four-acre facility has plenty of spare room to organize and store critical assets and componentry. Our staging and storage capabilities allow us easy access and ample space to store everything from heat exchangers to hoses, piping, and fittings etc.

Wrapping (rust-inhibitor products) – Our team at Blackhawk will carefully wrap your sensitive metal assets in rust-inhibitor products to prevent rust from developing both in transport and at our facility, ensuring temporary corrosion prevention.

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