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The Blackhawk difference lies in our unprecedented advancements in both technology and innovation. We outpace our competitors, thanks to Blackhawk’s:

World-class technology and innovation.

Blackhawk Industrial Group offers cutting-edge services, in line with our company goals:

  • Hands-free/Automation (100%) – Hands-free (automated) blasting isn’t only safer for employees, but it also reduces downtime and boosts efficiency. Blackhawk’s automated industrial vacuums and blasting tools are a rarity in the still-lagging industry.
  • Highly skilled and experienced industrial specialists – Our team’s success is in part due to our highly skilled and experienced industrial specialists, touting years of field experience and industry expertise, guaranteeing peak efficiency.
  • Innovative equipment investments – Eco-friendly and innovative industrial cleaning equipment requires investments in the future. At Blackhawk Industrial Group, we’re always looking for the latest technological advances that boost efficiency.
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